Read your digital magazines on an Amazon Android device.

How to read digital magazines 1

Step 1 - Purchase

Make your purchases here at using your Pocketmags account

How to read digital magazines 2

Step 2 - Download App

On your Android mobile or tablet select the Play Store from your device homepage. 

Download the Pocketmags app here 

Once installed, launch the app.

How to read digital magazines 3

Step 3 - Login

Tap 'Login/ Register' on the app homepage. First-time users will get to choose a free issue from a selection of favourites. 

If you've previously logged into the app it should remember you, tap the drawer menu icon in the top left then scroll to Settings to view your logged in username.

How to read digital magazines 4

Step 4 - Library

Your purchases from and any other Pocketmags-powered apps will now be synced to your device. 

Your latest purchases will show at the top of the homepage in 'My Latest Issues'. To view your whole library click the drawer menu in the top left and select My 'Magazines'.

How to read digital magazines 5

Step 5 - Reading

Tap on a cover to start downloading/ reading. To exit an issue, tap once on the screen and then press the Home icon in the top left of the screen.


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our app provider directly at