To change a subscription shipping address, please choose one of the following methods:-

1. Single subscription

If you only have one active subscription:-

a. go to MyAccount / Addresses

b. update your address

c. tick "Update the Shipping Address used for all of my active subscriptions"

d. Save Changes

2. Multiple subscriptions

If you have more than one subscription under your account (eg: if you have two active subscriptions: your subscription and a gift subscription to your hot straight mate)

a. Go to MyAccount / Subscriptions and select View of the subscription you wish to amend:-

b. select Change Address:-

c. update with the new details and Save Address:-

3. Contact DNA

Alternatively, contact contact us here and we'll change the address for you.

NB: DNA is prepared for shipping one week prior to actual mailing - any address changes that are made during this time will not come into effect until the subsequent issue. Please ensure that you have a mail redirection in place. 

If you need an issue to be re-shipped due to an address change not reaching us in time, there is a nominal postage fee to resend - please contact us for further information. 

If you have any further queries please contact us here.